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The Father Engagement Program is designed to help fathers in an individual or group setting to engage in the best practices that improve the safety, stability and well being of their children. Fathers in the program are paired with professional staff who assist them in the areas of employment, educational opportunities, financial planning, and housing.  This results in the establishment of a positive environment to reunify their family. We understand the importance of the role a father play’s in a child’s life. A father’s presence has long term implications on a child’s physical and emotional health wellbeing. Our goal is to strengthen the entire family by building a solid foundation in practices and principles.

Father Engagement Services

• Case Management

• Supervised Visitations

• Support Father’s in Family Team Meetings

• Employment Assistance

• Supportive Group Activities and Education with other Fathers

• Financial Planning and Budgeting

• Training and Development in Parental Education

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